MiSCA Teams

You’ll love joining a team!

  • You will quickly realize that there are no benchwarmers.
  • You will be provided with the coaching and camaraderie that will help you achieve both competitive and non-competitive cycling goals in a safe and enjoyable manner.
  • You will learn about fitness and nutrition.  You will learn that having an Egg McMuffin before a big race is probably not a good idea.  You will learn that fluids are your friend and that you truly are what you eat.
  • You will realize that what used to be very difficult and exhausting becomes much easier with practice and conditioning.
  • You will learn about clothing and gear that make the sport much more enjoyable.
  • You will become knowledgeable in the areas of bike maintenance and repair.   Fixing a chain and changing a flat will become second nature.
  • You will learn how to fall and laugh about it later.
  • You will grow to love your helmet.
  • You will learn to respect nature and the outstanding trails that we are blessed to have almost in our backyards.
  • You will gain new friendships and find role models.  You will become a role model for others and will suddenly realize that you do indeed have self-esteem.
  • You will learn how to safely maneuver challenging terrain and will also learn to push your limits.
  • You will find cycling to be a lifelong sport.
  • You will regret not joining a team sooner.

How do I sign up for a team?

STEP 1: CONTACT THE TEAM MANAGER/HEAD COACH – find the team on the map below and click on the point to see the contact information (or use this Google Sheet). Each team has a different process for joining their club and it may require additional forms and fees. Reach out to MiSCA if you’d like to register without a team or change your team after you already registered. registration@miscabike.org

STEP 2: REGISTER WITH MISCA – after creating your account in SportsSignUp Play, you can register children as riders and adults as coaches. Your coach will provide you with a participation code to use for the “Annual Coach & Rider Registration”. Make sure to select the correct team you’d like the join during the process. miscabike.org/register


Official Scholastic Teams/Clubs

Comprised of full-time students from the same school; public or private. Student eligibility to race on a scholastic team will be determined by the school they are racing for. If a student is eligible for a school’s JV or Varsity sport, they should be eligible for a MiSCA Scholastic team. Some scholastic teams allow out-of-district riders to join their team for practices but will not count toward team points during races.