BRAVE: Girls Epic Adventures

As MiSCA works to increase opportunities for everyone to find their voice in the sport of mountain biking, we are pleased to announce our new girls’ adventure ride program: BRAVE!

BRAVE’s focus will be on creating a solid foundation for our girls in grades 6+ to establish a better female-focused community within MiSCA. BRAVE stands for Bold, Resilient, Adventurous, Vibrant, Empowered—qualities that we strive to foster and reinforce in women and all riders and to implement across our lives.

BRAVE will be a girls’ adventure ride club that will meet 6 times throughout the spring and summer of 2021. The rides will be non-competitive and will focus on camaraderie, confidence-building, and FUN. Mark your calendars with the dates below!

Registration for BRAVE is now closed for 2021.

Registration will be $50 and will include:

  • 6 group rides (expect each session to last about 2 hours: ~75-90 minute ride plus social/snack time)
  • Club-exclusive swag
  • Early, discounted access to our custom BRAVE jersey by Primal
  • Snacks!

BRAVE 2021 schedule:

  • May 2 (Sunday, 4pm): BRAVE Kickoff Ride @ Riverbends
  • May 22 (Saturday, 10am): Gravel ride to Crust Bakery, Fenton
  • June 16 (Wednesday, 6pm): Downtown Lake Orion to the high school trail (ice cream at Cookies & Cream after)
  • July 12 (Monday, 6pm): Stony Creek
  • August 4 (Wednesday, 6pm): Novi Tree Farm
  • August 22 (Sunday, 3pm): Celebrate BRAVE @DTE Foundation Trail

While we are looking forward to this new chapter in our girls’ programs, we would also like to expand the reach of BRAVE and establish chapters throughout our various regions in the future. If you would like to start a BRAVE chapter in your area, please email Sarah Vano to discuss!