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Winter Balance – Wait, What?

by Josh Vande Berg, Brighton HS ’20

Wouldn’t it seem easier to focus on school and leisure in the Winter – that is if Winter is your down season for sports. Well, let me tell you, It ain’t! I won’t speak for all, but many will relate when I talk about how difficult it is to balance school, sports, jobs, services hours, gaming, etc…

Doesn’t it seem like teachers forget that theirs isn’t our only class? How many of you are loaded down with Chemistry, math or an honors class which regularly assigns a ton of homework – wildly disproportionate to your other classes? Not to mention quarter and semester end crunches. Are they trying to kill us!? What about those service hours your parents are compelling you to complete, driving permit hours, or part-time job demands, chores, etc…

And, let’s be honest, we ALL squeeze in screen time. Even though it isn’t listed above as a competing priority in need of balance, most are guilty of using our smartphones at every possible opening. PARENTS included! (so quit nagging) In fact, that screen time is so hard-wired into our weeks, let’s just agree that it is a constant in this balancing equation. It is my go-to to, to decompress instead of diving right into homework.

So, it sure seems that the Winter Balance is an equation that has no solution. If you’re like me, you apply your effort to the most important task at any given time, keeping the rest of the balls in the air, reprioritizing and recommitting as needed. According to my wise and wonderful parents (they made me say that), this condition is common to professional work and life in general. On the surface, sure sounds like gimmicky encouragement, right? However, once I heard real, specific examples and considered my own dilemma, I believe it to be true.

Bottom Line: Get used to Juggling!

On the Bright Side, I remind myself that half the school year and its annoying homework are behind me. Spring Break is right around the corner, warmer sunnier days and unlimited access to the Great Outdoors not long after. I eagerly look forward to breaking out my mountain bike, tinkering with my bike gear, regrouping with my Brighton Cycling Team, and getting back on those awesome Michigan trails. See you out there soon!