Student Leadership Council

A cornerstone of MiSCA’s mission is “to create a fun environment where everyone can experience the joys of the outdoors”. We are looking for motivated student-athletes to join the Student Leadership Council (SLC) to help us dream up and execute new ideas that will make MiSCA better for current and future mountain bikers.

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is an opportunity for student-athletes to learn and serve in the areas of leadership, advocacy, and stewardship to advance youth mountain biking through MiSCA.

The SLC will be comprised of up to three teams: Communications & Marketing, Environmental & Trail Stewardship, and Programming & Skills Development, each led by a student leader. Student-athletes will participate on at least one team, volunteer at least 10 hours (including meetings), and significantly contribute to at least one project within their SLC team. In addition, all SLC members will have the chance to review and provide feedback on items like new league rules and race series changes.

Communications & Marketing

  • Social media (Instagram stories, etc.)
  • Journalism (internal newsletters about team and MiSCA activities and people, school and local articles about teams, race write up, etc.)
  • Race Series t-shirt / graphic design
  • Sponsor recruitment and retainment

Environmental & Trail Stewardship

  • Implementing low/no impact practices at team and MiSCA events (recycling, composting, etc.)
  • Trail maintenance and trail advocacy (partner with MCMBA, CRAMBA, WMMBA, SWMMBA, etc.)
  • Education on trail etiquette and sportsmanship

Programming & Skills Development

  • Support coaching clinics, ride leader training, etc
  • Support (and develop) non-race series events to build and enhance the MiSCA biking community (including involving independent riders)
  • Support (and execute) Take a Kid Mountain Biking type events
  • More Girls on Bikes activities to build the female MiSCA biking community

Josh, Jake, Isaac, Max, and Ethan being welcomed to the 2019 MiSCA Student Leadership Council.

2019 Members

  • Ethan Heist, Lake Orion Community Schools ’26
  • Jake Marks, Brighton Area Schools ’22
  • Max Mitchell, Northville Public Schools ’22
  • Isaac Ruple, Lake Orion Community Schools ’31
  • Josh Vande Berg, Brighton Area Schools ’20

2018 Members

  • Regan Abramson, Brighton High School ’20
  • Sienna Gibson, Lake Orion High School ’19
  • Justin Kreger, Cycletherapy Orange Krush ’17
  • Josh Vande Berg, Brighton High School ’20

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Interested in Joining?

We are seeking leadership-minded student-athletes to help shape the direction of the organization! All interested and committed students are encouraged to apply, regardless of age or racing ability. Applications to join the Student Leadership Council must be submitted by March 9 to be considered for the 2020 council.

There is no minimum age to participate in the SLC and all interested student-athletes are encouraged to participate.  However, high school student-athletes are highly encouraged to apply. Ideally, each MiSCA team should be represented on the SLC in some manner.

Student-athletes who successfully participate on the SLC will not only leave a lasting mark on MiSCA through the program, but will be recognized at the conclusion of the Race Series. Those who opt for a leadership position within the SLC will receive special recognition as well.


  • March 9, 2020: Application period closes
  • April 15, 2020: First SLC Meeting

Minimum Requirements

  • An interest to learn and serve in the areas of leadership, advocacy, and stewardship to advance youth mountain biking through MiSCA.
  • Be registered as an annual participant with MiSCA in SI Play.
  • Actively serve on (at least) one committee.
  • Volunteer at least 10 hours over the course of the year (Includes attending meetings, executing projects, supporting MiSCA events, etc.)
  • Successfully complete at least one MiSCA-approved project within your team (individual or team)

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