Junior Elite Development Program

MiSCA DEVO provides athletes the opportunity, resources, guidance, and expertise to develop their mountain biking skills and performance, and prepare to compete regionally and nationally.

Applications for DEVO are open to riders in Middle School and High School. Graduating seniors are not eligible to apply.

The DEVO program aims to prepare riders to take that next step, but we also have expectations of our riders. These expectations include:
  • Riders should own a smart trainer (e.g. a Wahoo Kickr) that can set resistance automatically by watts, measure cadence

  • Riders should own a heart-rate monitor (e.g. a Wahoo Tickr) that can interface with their smart trainer.

  • Riders should own a bike computer (e.g. Garmin/Wahoo) to do their assigned workouts.  Any computer that integrates with TrainingPeaks will suffice.
  • Riders should commit to training a minimum of 5 hours per week Dec – Feb. During March through race season the amount of riding will increase.

  • Riders must register with MiSCA as riders (the standard annual rider registration)

  • Devo riders commit to ride the MiSCA race series in the fall.

  • Training Peaks account 
*The MiSCA DEVO program is being led by Kurt Droese and Brian Miller
Estimated initial cost for athletes will be $600/yr. based on MiSCA sponsorship and other generous donations supporting this program.