Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

This site will contain the most up-to-date information on MiSCA’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

June 18, 2021 Update

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is lifting the Gatherings and Face Mask Order effective June 22nd at 12:01 AM. With that, MiSCA will also remove the COVID guidelines that we have been publishing since last year, effective June 22nd. This means MiSCA will no longer require pre-screenings or temperature checks and teams/clubs can operate following the normal MiSCA Requirements and Racing Rules. There are still many students, especially those younger than 12, who are not yet vaccinated, so we are asking any student or coach that is feeling sick to please stay home and not attend MiSCA activities until you’re feeling better. Please also follow any guidance given to you by your coaches, as many teams/clubs operate under multiple organizations or schools that may have different policies than MiSCA.

Please read the GUIDANCE SURROUNDING THE GATHERINGS AND FACE MASK ORDER (JUNE 18, 2021) document for more details and information on what we’re doing to keep our families safe. We do not anticipate future guidance will be required.

May 28, 2021 Update

The gatherings and face mask order was extended through July 1. While many restrictions on outdoor activities have been lifted, the requirement for weekly testing of unvaccinated student-athletes ages 13-19 remains. Indications are that all epidemic orders will be lifted after July 1st. Families that are unable to comply with the guidelines put forth by the MDHHS are eligible for a full refund of their MiSCA fees; however, annual registration is required for students to be eligible to participate in races this fall, regardless of team affiliation or participation.

Please read the GUIDANCE SURROUNDING THE GATHERINGS AND FACE MASK ORDER (MAY 28, 2021) document for more details and information on what we’re doing to keep our families safe. The current order is set to expire on July 1 at 11:59 PM and we will continue to update our families as things evolve and change.

There are lots of testing sites now available and our understanding is that all tests should be made available at no cost (if you have insurance there should be no out-of-pocket cost and if you don’t have insurance you can sign a form stating so). Below are some helpful links we found for finding testing locations:

May 17, 2021 Update

Changes from the May 11th update: All individuals can gather outdoors for purposes of organized sports without wearing face masks. The gatherings and face mask order (including testing for ages 13-19) was extended through May 31st.

Please read the GUIDANCE SURROUNDING THE GATHERINGS AND FACE MASK ORDER (MAY 17, 2021) document for more details and information on what we’re doing to keep our families safe. The current order is set to expire on May 31 and we will continue to update our families as things evolve and change.

May 11, 2021 Update

Changes from the April 28th update: Fully vaccinated persons are not subject to the sports testing requirements set forth in Section 6(f) of the Gatherings and Face Masks Order unless they have COVID-19-like symptoms. “Fully vaccinated persons” means persons for whom at least two weeks has passed after receiving the final dose of an FDA-approved or authorized COVID-19 vaccine.

Please read the GUIDANCE SURROUNDING THE GATHERINGS AND FACE MASK ORDER (MAY 11, 2021) document for more details and information on what we’re doing to keep our families safe. The current order is set to expire on May 24 and we will continue to update our families as things evolve and change.

April 28, 2021 Update

Unfortunately, the 2021 season is starting out much like the 2020 season, thanks to the state of the Coronavirus pandemic and the confusion that comes with state/local guidance. For the most part, we are continuing on as we did last season – riders and coaches are required to perform a screening questionnaire and temperature check to attend practice, social distancing should be maintained, masks are worn when distancing is not possible, no sharing of equipment, etc. The major difference is that the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services is currently requiring all student-athletes ages 13-19 to be tested weekly for Coronavirus.

Please read the GUIDANCE SURROUNDING THE GATHERINGS AND FACE MASK ORDER (APRIL 28, 2021) document for more details and information on what we’re doing to keep our families safe. The current order is set to expire on May 24 and we will continue to update our families as things evolve and change.

March 30, 2021 Update

MiSCA Teams and Clubs must follow current state and local orders and guidance. Starting April 2, MDHHS will require all athletes ages 13-19 to be tested for Coronavirus on a weekly basis. We anticipate changes and clarification for non-contact outdoor sports before most teams start riding in May. MiSCA will release specific guidance for team rides by May 1. See the March 20 State of Michigan (MDHHS) Guidance for Athletics.

September 23, 2020 Update

Today, the MiSCA Board of Directors, in partnership with the land managers for Milford Trail, Merrell Trail, and Bloomer Park, agreed to increase the participation limit to 376 racers. Additionally, language was added to the original plan to include contact information for the responsible party on-site on race day (Sean Warren, Race Director, 248-671-3029). Appendix A was removed while charts are being revised.

September 3, 2020 Update

Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer released Executive Order 176 addressing organized sports. We’ve updated our plan to include the following language: Our events will comply with the Governor’s Executive orders regarding organized sports. This plan coordinates timing and location of participants, staff, volunteers and spectators to ensure no more than 100 people will be in the general vicinity of the course, tents, registration, etc. at any time. Any changes to this plan will continue to comply with state and local guidance.

August 12, 2020 Update

Given the current state of the virus and our effort to run a safe race, we are capping the number of riders at our events for the first time in MiSCA history. This decision was not taken lightly and much debate was had around fairness and access. With that in mind, we are also limiting how many races a rider can signup for and reducing the number of races counted toward the state championship (series). Riders that have already registered for more than 4-races will be allowed to participate as registered.

  • Each race day will be limited to 320 riders.
  • As of now, any new registrants will be limited to selecting only 4 race days.
  • We will only count the best 3-races per rider toward the state championship (series).
  • Balance Bike races, “Try It” category, and the Coaches race have been canceled for this year
  • All races in 2020 will be time trials.

Please continue reading below, so you know the process for registration and race day participation. Reading our full 2020 Race Series Plan for COVID-19 Compliance and Mitigation is also encouraged.

Click here to check out the FAQs around the participation limits.


In order to host a safe event, it is imperative that MiSCA designs the race series to avoid as many interactions as possible between participants and to keep overall attendee numbers as low as possible. The information below provides some insight into the requirements imposed on teams, athletes, volunteers, and spectators in order for races to follow State of Michigan, CDC, MHSAA, and local school district and government policy and guidance to return to play. The full scope of adjustment and restrictions is detailed in the 2020 Race Series Plan for COVID-19 Compliance and Mitigation, available by visiting our dedicated webpage addressing the virus:
  • Time Trial Format: Unlike a typical XC race with a mass start, each rider receives an individual start time and races against the clock. Riders are placed based on their overall time, not necessarily the order they crossed the finish line.
  • Registration: All racers must register online at same-day registration will not be offered. Registration will close once the participant limit is reached or the Monday before race day, whichever comes first.
    • Participant Limit: Participation will be limited to 376 riders per day, as of September 23. Races will remain on Sunday only.
    • Race Limit: After Aug 12, riders may only register for up to 4 races total.
  • Start-Time Assignments: Registered riders will be ordered by their average lap times and assigned a start time. Times will be emailed to parents with an arrival window and detailed expectations. Start lists will also be posted at
  • Pre-screening: Racers, volunteers, and staff will be screened for coronavirus symptoms utilizing CDC and MHSAA guidelines prior to participating.
  • Pre-riding: Course pre-rides should occur on the days leading up to the race; NO pre-riding is allowed the day of the race.
  • Distancing: Participants must maintain 6’ distancing whenever possible.
  • Masks: Masks are required within MiSCA’s defined event area (registration, staging, start, finish, and the race course) when not actively riding. Masks are encouraged at all other times you are unable to maintain 6′ distance.
  • Spectators: Spectators are not allowed into the staging area and should avoid the event area unless they have a demonstrated need to be there. Athletes are strongly asked to limit family members to the minimum number their situation allows. Preferably, this is no more than 1 family member per athlete.
  • Food: No open food items are to be shared between families. No tailgating or buffet-style food service.
  • Arrival: Riders may arrive to the park 30-minutes prior to their assigned start-time.
  • Race Plates: Rider plates and pre-purchased merchandise will be provided to head coaches at or before Race 1. Independent riders will obtain materials from the Registration tent.
  • Check-in: Riders should report to staging no earlier than 10-minutes prior to their assigned start-time. Riders will be checked to ensure they meet screening guidelines and that they have arrived within their staging window. Adults are not allowed in past this point.
  • Waves: MiSCA will pause staging/starts for a brief period after every 40-48 riders.
  • Start: Riders will be staged in 2 single-file rows inside the start chute, staggering starts every 60-seconds. Masks may be removed within your 60-second countdown.
  • Finish: Upon finishing, riders will return to their vehicles and are asked to depart the race venue within 10 minutes of completing their race.
  • Results: Live results are available at and will not be printed/posted at the event. See MiSCA staff to report issues.
  • Awards: Medals and awards will be provided to head coaches and distributed by your team. See MiSCA staff for issues or for independent riders.
  • Leader Jerseys: Current series leaders that have not yet received a 2020 leader’s jersey may pick it up from the MiSCA registration tent at the following race.

Questions? Please read our full 2020 Race Series Plan for COVID-19 Compliance and Mitigation. If after reading the full plan you still have questions, please email Sean Warren at

June 11, 2020 Update

After hearing from coaches/parents and reviewing the state/MHSAA guidelines, we are updating our requirements and clarifying some points from our announcement on June 1st. The bullets directly below summarize some changes since the initial announcement, while the bullets under the requirements header outline the current guidelines.

  • MiSCA will reimburse teams for expenses related to health and safety, including thermometers and hand sanitizer.
  • At-home pre-screening is allowed and encouraged. This can be performed via the use of an app or other online form.
    • Spectrum Health has this online symptom checker which does not require sharing of personally identifiable information. Coaches can request a picture or screenshot of the “green checkmark” for verification.
    • At-home temperature checks are more accurate than touchless thermometers outdoors.
  • Cloth face coverings are not required for outdoor gatherings; however, they are encouraged whenever possible.
    • Coaches/students should carry face coverings at practice, in the event social distancing is not possible.
  • Proper attendance must be retained by coaches, noting which coaches/students participated within each group.
    • Coaches/students sent home from failing the screening process should be reported to MiSCA.
    • Coaches/students testing positive for coronavirus should report to MiSCA.

Requirements (beginning June 13, 2020)

More stringent local guidelines and those relevant to indoor facilities should be followed if applicable.

  • All coaches/students will be screened (temperature check and questionnaire) for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 prior to a ride. This can be performed via an online tool (like this) with the temperature check taken at home. Vulnerable individuals (as defined by the CDC) should not oversee or participate in any workouts.
  • It should be reported to MiSCA when any coach/student is sent home after failing the screening process.
  • Coaches/students should not attend gatherings if anyone in the household has been sick with a fever within the last 24 hours, or they are experiencing any two of the listed symptoms per CDC. Sick coaches/students may not return until they have met CDC’s criteria to discontinue home isolation.
  • Coaches/students testing positive for coronavirus should report to MiSCA if they have attended an event within the 2-weeks prior to a positive test. Follow all other local health department guidelines.
  • Riding groups should be conducted in “pods” of students/coaches with the same small group always riding together. Larger teams should stagger start times or locations to avoid congestion in parking lots or common areas. Gathering sizes may be regulated as determined by Government and Health Departments officials.
  • Each group must have a minimum of 2 certified coaches (always with a minimum ratio of 6 riders to 1 coach). At least 1 of the coaches in the group must hold a first aid / CPR certification, meet all level 1 requirements, have at least watched the ride guide webinar, and completed the quiz (preferably level 2+ certified). Online-only medical certifications are permitted for 2020-2021 season.
  • Social distancing practices must be maintained with 6′ separation when stationary and 12’-18’ while riding.
  • Everyone (including non-participating parents) is encouraged to wear cloth face coverings when outside of their vehicle. Students/coaches may remove face coverings while engaged in biking or high-intensity aerobic activities.
  • No sharing of tools or equipment (including bikes, clothing, helmets, water bottle). Coaches can help with repairs to a rider’s bike but should use their own tools and maintain the 6′ distancing from the rider.
  • No sharing of food or water (unless medically necessary).
  • No socializing before and after the ride. This includes all physical contact, like high-fives or fist-bumps.
  • No spitting or snot rockets at all. Yes, even if you are away from the group and aiming toward the ground.
  • Anyone not participating (parents, siblings, etc.) must remain in their vehicles or away from the team activity.

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